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Melkite Greek Catholic Church Information Center

Eparchy of Newton
(Our Lady of the Annunciation (Al Bisharah) in Roslindale, Massachusetts, United States)
Clergy Conference


Monday, 20 October through Friday,24 October, Christ the King Retreat, Citrus Heights, CA

Bishop John Elya, Bishop Nicholas Samra, and all the priests and deacons of our Melkite Eparchy of Newton will be in Northern California for the annual Clergy Conference at Christ the King Retreat in Citrus Heights, beginning 20 October and ending 24 October. Archimandrite Paul Frechette is chair of the conference. The conference is being hosted this year by St George Church in Sacramento in connection with the parish's 25th Anniversary celebration. The parish will host the clergy for Vespers and a reception on Tuesday 21 October. Bishop John will remain in Sacramento for St George's Grand 25th Anniversary Banquet on Saturday 25 October and the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 26 October.


Monday, 30 October through Friday, 3 November, 2000, San Damiano Retreat Center, Danville, CA

Priests, Deacons Call Clergy Conference a Great Success

The annual Clergy Conference of the Eparchy of Newton-the American Melkite Church-was held 30 Oct.-3 Nov. at San Damiano Retreat in Danville. St Elias was the host parish, making local arrangements, hosting supper and Vespers at our church, and providing hospitality at the conference. Fr Alexei Smith, Protopresbyter of the Western Region, reported on the churches in California and Arizona and our situation compared with the rest of the country. The main speaker for the conference was Fr Jose Rubio of the Diocese of San Jose, who informed the fathers about the Pentecostal movement and the Mormon church. Fr Jim Schexnayder of the Diocese of Oakland also gave a presentation on pastoral ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics and their families. Bishop John Cummins of the Diocese of Oakland made a brief visit to the conference to welcome our clergy to his diocese. The Presbyteral Council, which advises the bishop, met for several hours on Thursday morning. Divine Liturgy was celebrated each morning. On Wednesday evening, a Memorial Service was served for all the departed bishops, priests, and deacons who have served our Church in America.

US Melkite Clergy Enjoy Hospitality, Admire Our Church

Bishop John Elya and about 35 priests and deacons from Melkite churches all over the USA came to St Elias Church on Tuesday evening 31 October. They enjoyed a delicious supper prepared by Marie Dahdouh and sponsored by Mr & Mrs Shawqi Ajluni, Ophelia Drake, Mr & Mrs Mario Faris, Yolande Faris, Isabelle Goubran, Juliet Lahlouh, Mr & Mrs Fathi Massoud, Mr & Mrs Nabil Matta, and Mr & Mrs Kamal Neimat. After supper, Vespers for the feast of SS Cosmas and Damian was celebrated. Bishop John presided, Fr James and Deacon James Soloman of Detroit, MI, served, and Sagia Dakwar chanted, with Fr Justin Rose of San Bernardino and Fr Michael Skrocki of Waterford, CT. At the end of the service, Clint Wheeler of Our Lady of Fatima Russian Byzantine Catholic Church in San Francisco was tonsured and blessed as Subdeacon Gregory. Many thanks to St Elias parishioners Sagia and Kamly Dakwar, Yolande Faris, Joe Faris, Isabelle Goubran, Martha Liles, Jack Lysaght, Fathi and Maro Massoud, Nabil Matta, Kamal and Eugenie Neimat, and John Srour who attended the service and welcomed our guests. The visiting fathers were impressed with the beauty of our little church and the hospitality of our community.

Meet Our American Melkite Priests & Deacons at Vespers, Reception on 31 October

All parishioners and friends of St Elias parish are invited to meet the bishops, priests, and deacons of our American Melkite Church on Tuesday 31 October. While attending the annual Melkite Clergy Conference at St Damiano Retreat Center in Danville (30 Oct.-3 Nov.), the clergy from all over the US will come to St Elias for supper at 5:30 pm and Vespers at 7 pm, followed by coffee and dessert. Bishop John is very happy about this opportunity for the clergy to meet the people of St Elias Church and to learn about our situation here in the Bay Area. Many thanks to everyone helping with this event. Everyone is welcome!

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