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Children's Bible Online in 20 Languages KOENIGSTEIN, Germany, MARCH 23, 2006 (Zenit.org).- The text of the children's Bible "God Speaks to His Children" is now available online, including in Arabic, Turkish and Chinese. This children's Bible, produced for youngsters worldwide, is the most ambitious project of the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. The Fides news agency reported that the text of this Bible is now available to Internet surfers in 20 languages, thanks to the collaboration of the German Catholic Liturgical Institute. To read it, click on www.kirche-in-not.de/kinderbibel. With the latest translations, the book will now be published in 152 languages. About 43 million copies of the children's Bible have already been printed. "We want children all over the world to have access to the Bible, to be able to read and print Christian Scripture," said Maria Zurowski, family office director of Aid to the Church in Need. "It was important for us to elaborate an instrument most suitable for a child." "All functions are explained by symbols," Zurowski added. "The corresponding language is to be picked on a world map." The first edition of the children's Bible was launched in 1979. ZE06032321

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